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I am your host, The Mummy. And who better a host than I to lead you on a discovery of some of the best books around. Listed on this site are books that make a person think, books that show compassion, and books that show human growth, not to mention very entertaining.

You may ask yourself, Mummy, after all these years, why are you reading young adult books? To this I say, I've been alive a really long time... like a super long time, and I find most enjoyment in life comes from experiencing things a-new and nowhere more have I found books encompassing this trait than in young adult books.

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So let's begin our journey together and see some of the truly best books for young adults.

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Best Books For Young Adults - Pyramids

Best Books For Young Adults Welcomes
Ada, Legend of a Healer!

Best Book For Young Adults - Ada, Legend of a Healer

Best Books For Young Adults Loves Ada, Legend of a Healer

A Story of Action, Adventure and Romance Set Upon The Rooftops of Paris.

"I know a book is wonderful when I read it straight through, and have trouble putting it down, and Ada: Legend of a Healer is a page-turner!"

"So, you want a little thinking with your reading, Ada, Legend of a Healer is the book for you. Want a great story with a little romance, a lot of action and a well thought out plot and main character? Ada, Legend of a Healer is the book for you."
      —Buried in Books

The Ever Growing List of Best Books For Young Adults

Ada, Legend of a Healer Deathnote Ender's Game Eragon fahrenheit 451 Frankenstein Harry Potter Here there be dragons Jane Eyre Leviathan Lord of The Flies The Book Thief The Catcher in the Rye The Giver The Golden Compass The Hobbit The House of the Scorpion The Hunger Games The Joy Luck Club The Lord of The Rings The Princess Bride The Red Tent The Three Musketeers The Tiger's Curse To Kill A Mockingbird V is for Vendetta Wuthering Heights 


Other Areas of Interest on The Site

Fun And Games

Here you will find some great games from the past as well as entertaining and interesting items.  While it is good to be focused and serious, we must not lose site of having fun, so here is an area dedicated to play. As Stephen King once said "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Cute Animal Pictures

A growing collection of cute animal pictures. It doesn't matter how dreary the day, an animal having fun, being silly or doing something remarkable will wash away the somberness. When animals are near, it seems to always brighten the day, so enjoy the fun, here is a place to smile at the silliness of some of the best friends we could ever ask for.

Non-Fiction Books

Although it is great to sit back and be entertained by reading an amazing tale of adventure, mystery, or intrigue, it is equally great to find a book that teaches, not only lessons of computers, math, or philosophy, but also celebrates reflection and happiness in the gifts we all have been given. 

Legend - The Legend Falling